Happy SysAdmin Day

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Happy SysAdmin Day

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Re: Happy SysAdmin Day

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That was great!

This one time, (at band camp!) in the server room:

I was newly hired at this place in the private sector and the SENIOR PROGRAMMER put her open coffee cup on top of the mini-mainframe cabinet which housed the entire system except for a few extra hard drives. I re-educated her as politely and respectfully as I could.

Pre-internet, this person had me install banking communication software onto her PC, but it wouldn't work. I checked the PC out, and it did not have a modem to dial anywhere.

Children were not allowed in the server room anymore!!! because someone brought there child in to show them once, and they pushed the emergency big red button that shut down all power immediately to the room.

There was a diagonal patch in the sheet rock wall where the lead system operator got so mad he threw a reel to reel tape.

Sign on the wall now, "No moose in the server room." Yep, Ravwolf's mount got in one time, poop all over. ;)
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Re: Happy SysAdmin Day

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hah 8-)
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Re: Happy SysAdmin Day

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My favorite:

"Sir, my cup holder broke on my computer... AGAIN! Why can't they make the cup holder more durable ?!?"

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