Directions to be able to post application-- MUST DO THIS

Applications and recruiting information for Champions of Norrath.

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Directions to be able to post application-- MUST DO THIS

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Raid Force Current Class Need:

The following needs for classes apply to applicants wishing to raid with CoN. Any class wishing to join CoN as a group player is more than welcome. However, CoN as a raiding force no longer has room for some classes. Other classes are really needed for our raid force. Current Class Needs are listed on our homepage.

Current Raid Days:
Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 7:00 p.m. EST - Raid Invite information can be found in /get (guildmotd) and invites start usually 6:40p EST on raid nights.

Minimum Level for guild tag: 95
CoN only tags level 100 and above. Some allowance is given for developing alts of current members so that they can be available to perform guild functions.

Acceptance of CoN Rules:
By completing and submitting your application with CoN, you are stating that you have read and will comply with our guild rules. These can be found under Guild Documentation. Please note that you cannot use /Anon. Also, do not have LOCKOUTS for our current set of raid targets. You will see current targets in Strategies section of forum.

Application Process:
1) Register on the Guild Forum.
2) Wait for registration to be approved.
3) Once email notification is received, registrant should add self to the applicants' group. (See directions below.)
4) Complete application.
5) Wait for notice from officer that application has been accepted or not. (CoN officers try to make sure that CoN accepts good players with good reputations; not every applicant is accepted.)
6) When an officer is available, he or she will tag the accepted applicant.
7) Newly tagged member should send an in-game email to Ravwolf, Bandeko, Kleitus, Imminent, Enverdaz or Trelania so that member access to the forum can be granted.
8) If an applicant wants to join the raid force. He or she will group with core members and have a mentor assigned. The mentor will help get the new member acclimated to CoN, assist with questions, make sure that the new member stays updated via the forum on raid strategies, has game text/audio triggers set for raids, knows how to burn/heal/buff and debuff efficiently understands class' raid role and the mechanics of the raid.
Note: The new member should already know how to play his/her class effectively as either a solo or group player, but there is a learning curve when moving into a raiding environment.

Directions for Applicant:
Before you are able to post you must first register for this website using your MAIN characters name. Only character names active on the Xegony EQ server will be considered for activation. Once he/she receives an automated email from the site, a site admin will manually approve your registration.

Once your registration is approved, you need to join the applicants group to post your application.

To join the applicants group:

Click on the "User Control Panel" link on the top menu bar
Under options on the left menu bar click "Usergroups"
Join the "Applicants" usergroup. Please note that there is a check box that you need to check. The check box has been overlooked before.

To complete your application:
Use the back button or navigation bar to get back to Portal » Forum » Public Forums » Guild Applications
Open the CoN Application Form
Copy the form (use your browser's copy feature)
Click the new topic button above or below the application form template
In the subject line enter your MAIN character's name (should be the same as name used at registration)
Paste the form into the large square area (use your browser's paste feature)
Fill out the form
When done, hit submit
Review the forum to make sure that your application was posted

Once you are tagged into CoN join the CoN Members usergroup.
Click on the "User Control Panel" link on the top menu bar
Under options on the left menu bar click "Usergroups"
Join the "Con Members" usergroup.

Web Admins: Kleitus, Ravwolf, Bandeko