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Applications and recruiting information for Champions of Norrath.

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Main toon name: Archimus
Raider or Social Member: Raid
Class: Ranger
Level: 120
Number of AAs: 37550
Your time zone and when do you normally play EQ: pst

What level is your membership (silver/gold): gold

What is the most recent expansion you own? sol

Please describe any previous raiding experience, including the expansion, wins and class that you played. fairly new to raiding

Why would you like to join CoN? my brother is in it and have enjoyed grouping with guildies

If you have been in previous guilds, please list server, guild name and on what terms did you leave? no

If you have alts, please list with their name, class, level and number of AAs.
1. quietstalker, rog 114

Some raids need clickie / spell ways to do the following, please indicate whether you have these (Yes/No):
Instant-buff (Any item that provides a one click buff) -
Self shrinking item or potion - yes
Self invisible spell, item or potion - yes
Enduring Breath item or AA - yes
See invisible item or AA - yes
Self gate spell, item or AA - yes
Heal over Time potions and/or heal potions - yes

Where did your learn of / hear of CHAMPIONS OF NORRATH? bubbasavesall

If someone in CoN asked you to join, who was it: ravwolf, bubbasavesall

Do you own your account? yes

Does anyone else play your characters and if so who is it? yes bubbasavesall

Is there someone who is willing to act as a reference on the Xegony server? Who? ursah

Is there any other information you would like to share or something else you would like to be taken into consideration? my schedule varies but ill do my best to attend

Thank you for your interest in CoN.
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