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Applications and recruiting information for Champions of Norrath.

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Guild Applicants

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Main toon name: Sleepinwillow
Raider or Social Member: Social (till I get my EQ legs hehe)
Class: Bard
Level: 110
Number of AAs:30k
Your time zone and when do you normally play EQ: est varies both day and nights

What level is your membership (silver/gold): Gold 🥇

What is the most recent expansion you own? ToL

Please describe any previous raiding experience, including the expansion, wins and class that you played. never Raided does not mean I wouldn't give it a go. ATM my schedule uber friend to work every night at 9:30 but that will change

Why would you like to join CoN? I purchased this account with a life member and character had a "Champions of Norrath" tag. looked a bit at guild reputation and previous owner of account said this was a good place to be on this server

If you have been in previous guilds, please list server, guild name and on what terms did you leave? don't remember guild but was on the "Combine" progression. I left the EQ world for RL opened my own estate and facility maintenance co. which is now sold, and i no long own

If you have alts, please list with their name, class, level and number of AAs.
1. Stormpeace Enchanter 111 28,650 (on this account)

Some raids need clickie / spell ways to do the following, please indicate whether you have these (Yes/No):
Instant-buff (Any item that provides a one click buff) - Yes
Self shrinking item or potion -Yes
Self invisible spell, item or potion -Yes
Enduring Breath item or AA -Yes
See invisible item or AA -Yes
Self gate spell, item or AA -Yes
Heal over Time potions and/or heal potions -Yes

Where did your learn of / hear of CHAMPIONS OF NORRATH? When I purchased this account was told is was linked to another account as an alt for "Tcheals" account came with setup notes for CoN and was already a member

If someone in CoN asked you to join, who was it: when I logged today Ravwolf sent me a tell when I announced myself (Sleepinwillow) as a return player wanting to find out how to start up in CoN was very pleased at how he handled it.

Do you own your account? Yes

Does anyone else play your characters and if so who is it? no one will play my account have to much to loose

Is there someone who is willing to act as a reference on the Xegony server? Who? that one is a stumper as I just purchased this account to get back into EQ I.E. best deal intown lol life member at the price I paid it is a no loose prospect

Is there any other information you would like to share or something else you would like to be taken into consideration? I played a Bard and Monk (main) 0n progressive server years ago "combine server" and when I peeked at CoN web page saw guild is in need of Bards. I have come to the under standing that CoN also works hard to include all members in grouping which is a plus as I am not a Boxing player. Knowing that this account was one of 7 accounts that included That the owner of Tcheals had, I hope I can meet the CoN standard and will work at making it so.
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Re: Guild Applicants

Post by Enverdaz »

Thank you for your honesty and sharing the origin of the account !!
Look forward to working with you 😎
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Re: Guild Applicants

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Re: Guild Applicants

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welcome to CON. Come in and get your feet wet!
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Re: Guild Applicants

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