Returning or Social to Raidier Application Form

Applications and recruiting information for Champions of Norrath.

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Returning or Social to Raidier Application Form

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This form is for current <Champion of Norrath> social members. If you would like to switch from being a social member to a Raiding member please give us the following information.

Main toon name:
Number of AAs:
Do you meet the current class requirement set by your class leader?

Some raids need clickie / spell ways to do the following, please indicate whether you have these (Yes/No):
Instant-buff (Any item that provides a one click buff) -
Self shrinking item or potion -
Self invisible spell, item or potion -
Enduring Breath item or AA -
See invisible item or AA -
Self gate spell, item or AA -
Heal over Time potions and/or heal potions -

Review with your Class leader Raiding requirements, Read and review strats on forums for current raids download Gina and get triggers from your class leader and download / install Discord VOIP chat for raid instructions.