Guild/Raid Rules 2022

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Guild/Raid Rules 2022

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Guild Leaders


New Player Team (Will help instruct new /returning Players Entering Con*)

Class Leaders
Bard: Calahan
Beastlord: Zantex
Berserker: Affront
Cleric: Vacant
Druid: Kagdessar
Enchanter: Haitomi
Magician: Vacant
Monk: Reppy
Necromancer: Dagmarn
Paladin: Kleitus
Ranger: Vacant
Rogue: Littletroll
Shadow Knight: Xaque
Shaman: Danwise
Warrior: Jaida
Wizard: Bandeko

I. Guild Rules: Rav and I like to keep them short and sweet.

1. As Bill and Ted say, “Be excellent to one another”. Being respectful of others IS a requirement of guild membership. Others being EVERYONE else, guilded or not. Being abusive to others is a big step towards the door.

2. No ANONYMOUS ever.
If you aren’t proud of your guild tag, drop it.

II. Raiding

(Proposed) Anyone wishing to raid either external to CoN or internal (social to raider) are required to post the appropriate application. Information will be independently verified and any pertinent omissions or deliberate falsehoods will be considered for dismissal from joining CoN as a raider.

Raiding Information
Players should check the MOTD when they log-in for raid information. You are required to do everything the raid leader tells you.
/rs channel is dedicated to instructions related to the raid. Do not speak in /rs during an event unless you are a raid leader or designated person allowed to speak in /rs. The same applies to the Discord or Ventrilo raid channel. Not following these instructions can get you unceremoniously yelled at or removed from the raid. If you have something raid related to say, put it in conraids. <See Below>

Players may use the conraids:chat channel for questions and announcements such as rez or mgb announcements about an event. *****Be mindful while item bids are happening, as CONRAIDS may also be used for bidding.******
Mains DO NOT SHOW UP TO RAIDS WITH CHEST LOCKOUTS ON OUR CURRENT RAIDING TARGET LIST. See STRATEGIES section on forum, as targets change as time progresses. IF you raid regularly, you will know what our current HIT list is. You are allowed to farm current raid targets (trash for ores/augs), please inform the raid leader of any lockouts of raids we may be doing that you have.

Raiding Requirements (Mains/Alternates)

Level 120 with 25k AA – *****see class leaders/forums for more specific AA requirements.*****
Exception: Guild leaders and officers may make exceptions in their discretion on a per raid event basis.
If you choose to raid, you must pick one character to be your raiding main. You are required to bring your main character to all raids unless you have permission from the raid leader.

Official raid alts must meet raid requirements and the person running the alt must have shown competence at playing that class. The raid leader may choose to include an alt because of a critical need for a class in a raid event.
Raid Times
We raid on Wednesday, Friday, Sunday @ 7:00 p.m. EST. On-time will be taken at 7:00 PM EST. Raid invites typically start 20-minutes before raid on-time. The raid leaders have the ability to schedule and call progression/farming targets on non-regular raid nights.

To Join a Raid
Before asking for a raid invite, players should drop group, shared tasks and suspend mercenaries. To join the raid, a player should send a tell to the raid leader (MOTD or /get). BE PATIENT for your invite. Please do not zone after asking for a raid invite until the invitation is successfully accepted.

Full Raids
The raid is full with 54 players. Players must be prepared to enter the instance. There is a 5-minute grace period, after which, players not ready to enter the instance may be removed. Players not in the full raid must join the wait channel (conwait:wait).

Wait Channel
The wait channel is conwait:wait. While in the wait channel you still receive DKP and are eligible to bid, but only if you are able to take a raid invite and get to the raid in a reasonable amount of time. You are able to do whatever you want while in the channel unless invited to raid. If you do not take the invite in a reasonable amount of time you will not be eligible to receive DKP or bid on loot. If the raid is not at capacity anyone in wait will not receive any DKP for events completed. The only people allowed to be in the wait channel are: The person doing the DKP logs, the person running the raid tool, and anyone not in the raid wanting to raid. It is the responsibility of people in wait to monitor guild chat and the conraids chat channel to see if space is opening in the raid. Players will be added to the raid by raid needs, not when they joined the wait channel or seniority in CoN. Raid leadership will call for a roll call. Failure to respond in the wait channel will result in zero DKP for that event.

Required Items
All raiders should have the following items for our raids:
• Instant-buff (Any item that provides a one click buff)
• Self shrinking item or potion
• Self invisible spell, item or potion
• Self gate spell, item or AA

For any raid where a group flag is needed you will be required to have said group flag. DO NOT ZONE INTO THE INSTANCE UNTIL ASKED BY THE RAID LEADER IF YOU ARE UNFLAGGED.

Non-DKP Events
Any member is allowed to schedule non-DKP raids on a night that we currently do not raid. However, members are not allowed to get locked out on targets we are currently farming or working on for progression purposes.

Guild Portal During Raid
After the Guild Banner is placed for the first time that raid night, the Grand Guild Hall portal will be changed to the Guild Banner. DO NOT CHANGE the GGH portal on a raid night after it is set to the Guild Banner. If members need to use the portal to go somewhere else, use the Small Guild Hall.

Players who are not participating in raid event are asked to avoid changing the portal in the Grand Guild Hall from the guild banner during a raid. Instead please use the portal in the smaller Guild Hall. The timers in the two guild halls are independent; if a raid participant needs to port to the guild banner, please yield to the raiding player.

Once the banner is placed at the raid site, the portal has to be set to the guild standard; this does not happen automatically. To set the guild portal, buy a splinter of the guild standard from the portal vendor and hand it back.

III. DKP – Earning, Spending, and Getting Fined DKP

Earning DKP
The DKP value will be assigned for each encounter by raid leadership.
• In general, on-time is 500, end of night (EON) is 500, raid event wins are 300, and raid wipes are 150.
• DKP values will change without any notice at the discretion of the guild leadership.
• First Time Kill (FTK) "FTK" is the first time that the guild beats a given event and results in higher DKP assigned.

Note about raid alt: If raid leadership has requested a player to play a raid alt, then that player must notify the person tracking DKP for the event/evening. Failure to notify the person tracking DKP may result in zero DKP for that event or evening.

Spending DKP
New members and newly changed mains must wait two weeks and achieved the required attendance % (“RA”) under the raid bidding tier system described more fully below before being allowed to bid.

Loot In General
You are REQUIRED to know your own DKP and raid attendance over 60 days! No exceptions. See Getting Fined DKP below. Loot is awarded to the player who bids the highest amount of DKP for that item. Assuming no one bids on an item, it will be used for guild tribute or assigned to a member by leadership.

Gear Bidding Tiers
Gear bidding split between two channels, conraids and conbids:all. Gear loot is bid using a tiered system; first, based on RA over the previous 60 days, and, second, based on raid alts and open bidding. Bidding tiers 1 through 3 must be on gear usable by the player’s main character. No exceptions. See Getting Fined DKP below.
Tier 1: Mains 50% 60-day RA (meaning greater than or equal to 50%).
Tier 2: Mains 30% 60-day RA (meaning between 30% and 49%).
Tier 3: Mains 0% 60-day RA (meaning mains between 0% and 29%).
Tier 4: Raid Alts (mains must be 50% for 60 Day Raid Attendence)
Tier 5: Open bidding [A/A/F/O] with mains DKP for Apps, Alts, Friends, and Others.

If there are no legitimate Tier 1 bidders, bidding will be opened to Tier 2. If there are no bids for an item at Tier 2, Tier 3 bidding will be opened, and so forth. Adjustments will be made as the guild becomes saturated with gear/spells in the essence of time and the discretion of guild leadership.
Raid Apps may bid at Tier 5 with their own DKP after 2 weeks of their first guild raid.

Spell Bidding
Bidding for spells occurs in conspells:CON.
Bidding In General
The opening bid must be 200 or more.
Bids on gear must be at least in incremental increases of 100. The only exception is if your DKP balance is not a multiple of 100; in such a case, you may bid your entire DKP balance, but you must state in your bid “ALL-IN”.
The bid incremental minimums should not be abused to result in overly time consuming bidding. Bid like you mean it.
Ties are not allowed, even if there are multiple drops of the same item. Only the first-in-time bid on a tied amount is valid. The exception to the no-tie bid rule is if the person making the tying bid is all in (and must indicate “ALL-IN” as part of bid).
All winners of multiple drops pay the lowest of the winning bids.

Getting Fined DKP
Bidding while ineligible to bid (see next) will result in a DKP fine of:
If the item is not looted and can be re-bid: 5,000 Gear Item 1,500 Spell
If the item is looted or cannot be re-bid: 10,000 Gear Item 2,500 Spell
A player is ineligible to bid when: Bidding when not present/in wait for 50% of the event, bidding more DKP then you have, bidding when you do not have the correct RA for the bid tier, or bidding when you cannot use the item.
A player that wrongly loots a bid-item will be fined 10,000/2,500. A refund of the bid amount will only occur if the item is successfully petitioned to be transferred to the bid winner.
Any DKP fine may be adjusted or excused under only the most extreme circumstances. Any such decision is entirely at the discretion of guild leadership. Successive improper conduct in bidding or looting is grounds for increasing DKP fines, demotion to social member, or guild removal.

Other DKP Issues or Leaving CoN
If you leave the guild and wear another raid guild's tag, your DKP record will be deleted and your points will be lost permanently.
If you leave the guild and return within 4 weeks without having joined another raid guild, your points will be available.
If you do not raid for a 6 month period your DKP record will be ZERO'd out and your points are lost permanently.
***The DKP page will be kept up to date as much as possible.***

IV: Other

Main Changes

You are allowed to change your main character once per year if you so choose. If you decide to change your main you will be charged a DKP penalty of 1,500. There will also be a 2 week period after changing your main that you are not allowed to bid until Level 2 bidding. However, a member of leadership may ask you to change your main to a class that is needed more than your current main based on available classes. If you are asked and you agree there will be no DKP penalty for the switch and when you switch back to your original main.

In order to main change the intended new main must meet the raiding level and AA requirements.

If you have questions about these rules/requirements after reading the above, send a tell to Bandeko.